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Galitsin says 'Koika is one of the most famous and respectable nude models in the Internet now. She has being posing bare for a few years and now she is a professional model. She achieved such great success after posing for a Saint-Petersburg photographer. Koika used to work with him for a few months and it was he who inspired her with love to photos. It helped her to find her place in the world and to create her image. She is very sexy and astonishing, isn't she? Her perfect body and attractive looks make quite a few talented photographs offer her a job. Koika has a boyfriend who is studying in a Moscow Photo Academy. The model is very sly, she uses a chance to learn about photographers' secrets and she has always told them to her beloved.' Fan Site here

  • Born:1982-11-15
  • Birthplace:Russia
  • Hair Color:Fair
  • Height:177 cm / 5ft 9ins
  • Bust Size:Medium
  • First Seen:2003